Mill Hill, London

Installation of a smoke management ventilation system to a block of flats to protect the communal areas and stairwells.

Smoke Ventilation System Installation

This project consisted of the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of smoke ventilation systems to protect the communal lobbies and escape stairwells for a new block of flats being built by Barratt Homes in Mill Hill, London.

The system was installed as per the recommendations of BS 9991-2015 and BS EN 12101-3 2015.

We installed code compliant smoke ventilation shafts, with AOV’s opening at each common lobby level into the shaft, the top floor was ventilated via a 1.5m2 lobby ventilator and AOVs were installed at the top of the communal stairwells.

The natural smoke ventilation shaft provides an internal free area of 1.5m² with a minimum internal free area of 0.85m.

Daily Ventilation System

The system supplies daily ventilation to the common corridor/lobby implemented by air from the head of stair AOV ventilator.

Daily environmental ventilation dampers were installed below the ceiling and above the staircase door which were ventilated with ceiling grilles to assist air transfer into the ceiling void.

The warm air is then pulled towards the smoke shaft by the environmental fans and extracted via the environmental damper above the smoke shaft.

Thermostats to Control Temperature

We installed tamper proof thermostats within the common lobby on the 3rd floor & 4th floor stairwell landing. If any thermostat exceeds the chosen set point (nominally 24°C), then daily vent mode will be initiated.

The environmental fans provide continuous background ventilation rate of 1ACH.

Once environmental mode via the temperature sensor is initiated at 24°C a ventilation rate of 2ACH will be provided in each lobby, at 28°C a ventilation rate of 4ACH will be provided in each lobby.

Replacement air will be supplied from the stairwell ventilator by actuating the environmental ceiling damper above the staircase door. The rain sensor located on the roof will close the head of stairs ventilator in the event of any rain.

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