What Is A Fire Risk Assessment And Do I Need One?

The Importance Of A Fire Risk Assessment

Ensuring your premises meet the necessary regulations for fire safety can seem daunting, as there is a lot to cover. A Fire Risk Assessment is a way to ensure your property is compliant and safe, according to UK regulations.

These regulations are in place to ensure not only the protection of your site and assets but also everyone on the premises.

Understanding the fundamentals of a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA), what it entails and how to meet these regulations is crucial for any business or property owner and this is your guide to the process.

What Is A Fire Risk Assessment?

A Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is a systematic evaluation of any potential fire risks that may be present within a property or on-premises. It is an official look into areas around your work or workplace that could cause harm to people in the event of a fire, or even cause fires outright.

This is a comprehensive process that covers a wide range of factors across the premises and determines where they stand in terms of fire risk, safety hazard or other related issues.

It is essentially an inspection of how a premises is organised and how it operates to see whether there are fire risks present. From identifying any fire hazards to the likelihood of a fire outbreak on the property to evaluating any existing fire prevention measures that may be present, all areas will be assessed to determine the level of risk to the property and its occupants during a fire.

The ultimate goal of this assessment is to ensure the safety of all individuals on the premises and minimise the risk of fire through any cause.

What Happens In A Fire Risk Assessment?

As we have mentioned, several major factors are considered regarding your premises during a Fire Risk Assessment.

All of these areas need to be assessed and inspected by the responsible person to determine whether there are any hazards for fire. The responsible person can either be the owner of the building, a management company or agent, or a fire-safe engineer.

It is a regular process that is required by law to be performed in all forms of properties, ensuring the safety of occupants, staff and other people who may be present.

During a Fire Safety Assessment, the responsible person or professional engineers will consider factors such as:

Identification of Fire Hazards

Fire hazards need to be noticed, addressed and reported to ensure maximum safety on site. There are all kinds of things, events or products that can be considered a fire hazard – based on the property and it’s purpose.

All of these will need to be identified during the assessment and reported, so they can be addressed later. This includes any potential sources of ignition, fuel, and oxygen that could lead to a fire somewhere on the premises.

People at Risk

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to fire safety is human life, and this will be addressed in a Fire Risk Assessment. Whether people are safe on the premises or within your property will be addressed during this inspection, and any changes need to be made by law.

For this part of the process, the responsible person or engineer will determine who is at risk in the event of a fire on the premises. This can include employees, visitors, or any person with limited mobility who may need additional support during an emergency like a fire outbreak.

Not only are the people at risk identified, but whether their safety is taken into consideration and the fire safety measurements being used across the site are also assessed.

Evaluation and Mitigation of Risks

To determine whether people can safely handle a fire on the premises and whether the company, landlord or other responsible party has provided the necessary protections fire safety tools will also be evaluated during the assessment.

Not only will the inspector evaluate the risk of fire on the premises, including the likelihood of this occurring and the kind of risks that can increase these chances, but also the effectiveness of existing fire safety measures.

Properties can rely on multiple forms of fire safety tools to keep occupants safe and anything that is currently in use will be assessed. This includes any escape routes, fire detection systems, and firefighting equipment that may be present.

Recording Findings and Implementing Changes

Once the assessment is complete and all these areas have been inspected, a document will be produced that outlines any hazards found and the actions taken to mitigate such risks.

This record is crucial for compliance purposes and for ensuring transparency in safety protocols and will need to be kept on-site. This is your proof of passing the fire safety assessment and ensuring that the premises are fire safe.

Not only does this record show the results of the assessment, but also your willingness as the property or business owner to follow protocol and abide by legal regulations.

Review and Update

While there is no specific time frame outlined in UK law for when Fire Safety Assessments need to be completed, they are a regular occurrence.

A regular review of the assessment is required to ensure your premises remain up to date with fire safety regulations and that these fit in with any changes to the building usage, layout, or occupancy. In the case of any of these changes, another Fire Safety Assessment will be required to ensure you meet regulations.

Do I Need a Fire Risk Assessment?

It is your legal obligation to ensure your premises are safe and can actively limit risk during the event of a fire.

In the UK, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, most non-domestic premises are legally required to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment regularly. As we have mentioned, there is no specific outline for the timing of these assessments but they should be performed regularly and during times of any change, such as renovations or change of premises use.

Under these regulations, non-domestic premises include commercial businesses, public buildings, and the common areas of multi-occupancy residential buildings. All of these need to face regular Fire Risk Assessments.

This is not only a statutory obligation, but it also plays a pivotal role in protecting the lives of occupants, staff, and other people present at the property as well as the property itself from the devastation fires can cause.

Failing to comply with these regulations can result in severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment for the property or business owner specifically. More importantly, neglecting this critical assessment will compromise the safety and well-being of everyone associated with your premises and can even result in death.

Fire Safety Assessments are essential for a reason and they cannot be ignored or put off.

Why a Professional Fire Risk Assessment Matters

Given the intricate nature of fire risks and regulations, enlisting the expertise of a professional in conducting your Fire Risk Assessment is advisable is a good idea.

Although the responsible person can be the building owner, they likely do not have the necessary skills or training required to ensure the best results during a Fire Risk Assessment.

Hiring professionals like fire-safe engineers from Nomico Fire & Security is your best option, as they will bring a level of thoroughness, experience, and expertise to ensure compliance. Working with professionals for these assessments will ensure that any risk is handled efficiently, fostering a culture of safety within the organisation.

Working with Nomico Fire & Security also gives you access to bespoke advice tailored to the unique needs and challenges of your premises.

Together we can ensure that all potential fire risks are accurately identified and effectively managed for the safety of all.


A Fire Risk Assessment is not merely a legal requirement for a lot of properties across the UK but is also a fundamental component of a responsible fire safety strategy.

At Nomico Fire & Security, we understand the critical importance of risk assessment and our team is committed to providing our customers with detailed, expert services that uphold the highest standards of fire safety compliance.

Protecting your premises from the risk of fire starts with understanding the significance of a Fire Risk Assessment and ensuring that this is performed to necessary standards on your site or within the premises regularly.

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