Top Security Lighting Tips for Commercial Premises

Security Lighting

Security lighting is an indispensable part of a comprehensive security strategy for any commercial establishment. Efficient lighting is not merely about visibility, as it significantly contributes to deterring potential intruders, enhancing surveillance capabilities, and ensuring staff and visitor safety.

Below, we outline expert guidelines designed to enhance the security of your commercial premises through strategic lighting solutions.

1. Perform a Comprehensive Lighting Audit

Before implementing new lighting solutions, conduct a thorough audit of your current setup. This audit should include an evaluation of all existing fixtures, brightness levels, coverage areas, and potential blind spots.

An intensive audit catalyses informed decision-making on what improvements or upgrades are necessary and makes it easy to move on to implementing these.

2. Implement Layered Lighting Strategies

A multi-layered approach is critical in commercial security lighting. Begin with a base layer of ambient lighting to ensure visibility around your entire premises. Add task lighting in areas where employees work, especially in entryways and loading docks.

Finally, incorporate accent lighting to highlight architectural features or landscaping, which can also serve as a deterrent to unauthorised access.

3. Choose the Right Type of Lights

Choosing the right type of lights determines the effectiveness of security lighting on site, and should be considered carefully.

LED lights are preferable for their long life span, energy efficiency, and powerful illumination. Opt for fixtures with motion sensors for areas that do not require continuous lighting, to conserve energy while responding immediately to movement.

Solar-powered lights are an eco-friendly option for areas where wiring is difficult or where you desire a wireless setup.

4. Position Lights to Maximise Coverage

Placement is paramount. Position lights to cover all key areas without creating shadows or glare and ensure that entrances, exits, and perimeters are well-lit.

Mounting lights at a proper height and angle minimises blind spots and prevents tampering.

5. Integrate with Surveillance Systems

Security lighting should be integrated with your CCTV network to maximise visibility and the effectiveness of cameras after dark.

Consider infrared floodlights for enhanced night vision without producing a visible light glare.

6. Maintain and Test Your Lighting System Regularly

The best-designed security lighting system is ineffectual if not well maintained. Commit to a regular maintenance schedule to test, clean, and if necessary, replace lighting fixtures.
This consistency guarantees optimal performance when you need it most.

7. Utilise Smart Lighting Technology

Smart lighting equipped with remote control and customisation adds a layer of security and convenience. These systems allow for the automation of lighting patterns, mimicking activity on the premises even when no one is present, which can be a potent criminal deterrent.

8. Understand Legal Compliance

Ensure that your security lighting adheres to local legislation, particularly in terms of light pollution and neighbour disturbance.

Compliance demonstrates your commitment to socially responsible security practices.


Effective security lighting transcends the mere installation of lamps and fixtures; it requires meticulous planning, strategic placement, and regular upkeep.

Acknowledging that every commercial setting presents unique challenges, these tailored guidelines should be regarded as starting points for a dialogue with lighting and security professionals.

We are prepared to assist you in identifying and executing the finest security lighting solutions to protect your business. Our expertise guarantees peace of mind, allowing you to focus on what you do best – managing your business.

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